My offer for the Sound Massage per person incl. consulting

Sound massage / -treatment, whole body                                        75 min.   75,00  €

incl. consultation


Sound massage/ -treatment, partitions                                            60 min.   60,00  €

incl. consultation


Sound journey max. 5 persons                                                              75 min. 

                                                                                                                  60,00  € per person


Psychological advice                                                                            60 min.  75,00  €

Solution - oriented counseling techniques

Burn out and Stress


Lectures, Presentations, workshps and Performances               60 min. 75,00 €

                                                                                                   6 h = 420,00  €


Each additional                                                                                    15 min. 15,00 €



    Discount; except for my offers :
                          Four soundmassages buying and enjoying five.


                             Gift coupon for a sound massage:
                           At this i give the same discount, too.


The vouchers which are older than 12 months after date of issue, they will lose automatically their validity.

Appointments by phone or e-mail.


Please call me 24h before the appointment, otherwise I must calculate the appointment to you, if I cannot otherwise award the appointment.

I advise you by buying soundmaterials and specialist books, too.

 Payment please only by cash.

Sound Nature Canterbury


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